Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Look and Feel Good while being Chubby

Being fat doesn’t have to be a curse. Most women feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in their outfits of their chubby figure. Stop feeling bad about you. With the right dressing style and some confidence you can look more stunning like a model. 

Use of flimsy underwear may be comfortable but it highlights your bulging areas. By choosing the right underwear you can streamline your figure. Your bra should be well fitted to support your breast and draw attention on your waist line. Consider comfortable body suits if you are wearing tight blouses, it will help you to tuck your tummy.

Be careful while choosing your clothes that not figure out your chubby figure. Look for blouses and pants that are not too fitted but not too loose fitting because tight outfits will figure out your problem areas.

Don’t try to hide your figure behind clothing, try to wear loose-fitting which makes you feel comfortable and stunning looks.

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Dress in plain-colored fabric that does not add weight to your figure. Try to wear horizontal stripes clothes, they only make you wide. Go with darker colors like black, brown, purple and green are generally more thinning then pastels.

High-cut pants will give you a belly look while low-cut pairs of pants will cause chubby roll above the waist line. For your more comfortable and cute look, pants should be cut just above the hip bones.

Choosing right accessories like belts with medium width, as too wide and too thin add inches to your waistline. Wear simple earrings, necklace and pendants for your blossom look.

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Get a cute hair cut that fits on your facial features.

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Many chubby women wear too much make up, try to hide behind bright lipstick and thick mascara and bright lipstick. Choose natural tones and soft lipsticks that highlight your fresh and cute look.

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