Monday, January 28, 2013

Choosing the Best Spring Dresses for your Body Type

There are many options to welcome the new season. Choose a dress that flatters your body type and makes you look your best. Try to choose fabrics in colors and patterns that suit you well. Picking a spring dress after a long cold winter can be fun if you keep in mind what you are looking for.

Check your body type from hip-to waist ratio. If you have a pear shaped body with a more narrow top and wider hips. Look for cool color stylish tank top and pair it with flared skirt that will flatter your body type.

Cool Color Tank Top

You can flatter your apple shape body type with a performance polo shirt and v neck tee. Draw attention on your face and choose a lower neckline to open up your neck. Also try to wear dark color pants and skirts that hide your body from middle line.

Performance Polo Shirt

If you want to hide your arms and feel self- conscious due to less than- sculpted upper arms, you can wear sweater or stylish fashion jacket that hide your arms.

Stylish Fashion Jackets

If you are long or very thin, add some shape to your body with knee length A-line dress that will give the more figure flattering look.

Knee Length A-line Dress

With your boyish figure; fitted blouses, spaghetti strap tank top and ruffle dresses draw attention on your shoulder, neck, bust and curves. Choose straight leg pants and avoid wearing skinny jeans and fitted boot cut pants.
Ruffle Dress

Try any of these spring dress styles that best suits on your body type and flatters you most.