Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Upgrade your Spring Wardrobe

Melting snow and budding tress don’t just signal the beginning of warmer weather, they signal the beginning of spring season. Fashion trends change every year, and shopping for clothes is never easy, but following few tips you can ensure that you always have the perfect wardrobe for spring.

As the weather won’t quite permit spaghetti straps, but you can wear short sleeve t shirts with light and flowing material. As spring’s sudden fluctuation in temperature you can layer it with cardigan.

Opt for dresses and tops with flowery patterns, feathers, scrunched sides and ribbons anything natural, airy and light.

Wear a stylish vest over colored tshirt or tie a big ribbon around a dress. Avoid outfits with predominantly dark, earthy colors like black and chocolate as these are winter colors. You can wear vibrant colors like crimson and sapphire during spring season.

For your bottom it’s not the rite time for shorts and miniskirts yet, but girls you can start wearing comfy capri pants and knee-length, flowing skirt.

Avoid wearing darker colors bottoms unless you balance them with a light colored top. Sweatpants, fleece pants, yoga pants, khakis and cargoes are also a good choice for spring.

Accessorize yourself to make your spring’s outfit pop. During spring boots are out and sandals are in. Flowery headbands and clips, berets and straw hats, big bangles are in spring hues.